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NoProgra EA Builder is a powerful graphic tool to create Expert Advisors and Custom Indicators

NoProgra acquired My EA Builder to improve product offering

We are happy to announce that we acquired My EA Builder (, a small start up with a great tool for visual coding. During the coming months both companies will integrate to create a better offering that will benefit traders that want to create expert advisors. If you buy NoProgra you will get My EA Builder for free. Please send us an email if you wan to know more about this promotion.


Buy NoProgra

Purchase NoProgra EA Builder to create your own eas and indicators.

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NoProgra is short for No Programming.

It's our philosophy - We want to create Automated Trading Without Programming. Forget about expert advisor programming and MQL, NoProgra EA Builder will do the programming for you!

The core of NoProgra EA Builder is the conversion of natural language to MQL4 code. This means you create the ea visually using natural language while our natural language to MQL4 algorithm will create the expert advisors for you. NoProgra EA Builder is the only Expert Advisor Builder based on natural language.



I have been using your ea builder for the last little while and I have to say it is excellent. E.B.

Thanks for getting back to me with answers to my questions. Great support! H.H

Thank you for this software. I have only just started writing ea's and your software has made it easy for me to understand and learn from. J.H.

Love your product, best ea programmer so far! J.C.

I got addicted to the ea builder right away! Very user friendly! A.H


Create your own Expert Advisor for MetaTrader

With NoProgra EA Builder you create expert advisors visually using natural language. Basically, to create an ea you add entry and exit points that are triggered by a trading condition. Entry points relate to buy and sell signals, and exit points relate to close short or long positions.



In the image above, there is an entry point to buy (go long) that is triggered by a moving average condition.

A trading condition like the ma condition above is made of technical indicators and/or simple equations as shown below.

EA Trading Condition


When creating trading conditions, Technical Indicators can be compared using simple logic like higher than, lower than, equal to, or trading logic that indicates if an indicator is increasing or if a cross over takes place.


Indicator Cross Over


The power of the standard technical indicators that come with mt4 can be expanded using custom indicators. NoProgra EA Builder has a feature to import custom indicators to be used in trading conditions.


Importing a custom indicator








Where can I get support?
If you have pre-sales questions, send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. For any other questions, register in the support forum at (the forum and the website have different registration systems so you need to register in the forum.) 

We want to hear from you!
Send us an email and tell us the features you want to see in NoProgra EA Builder. So far here is what users want:

- An easier way to manage custom indicators for mt4.


For a quick start, read the NoProgra Manual Get it here!

We have created an amazing video tutorial for you. Enjoy! (Watch it in full screen mode to get all the details)



NoProgra EA Builder comes with three expert advisor examples - read about them now.

NoProgra EA Builder - Features

  • Use natural language to create your own expert advisors for MetaTrader. Natural language relates to the way we speak, write and think.
  • Great graphical user interface. No MQL or coding knowledge is required.
  • Visual tool that empowers traders and coders to create eas in seconds.
  • Create complex eas using technical indicators, currency prices, candle signals, and logic connectors (AND - OR).

    Read more: NoProgra EA Builder - Features

NoProgra EA Builder - Expert Advisor Examples

NoProgra EA Builder comes with three expert advisors examples to get you started. You can find them under the directory where NoProgra was installed. To use these expert advisors in MetaTrader, you need to open the trs file with NoProgra EA Builder (trs is the file type or file extension for NoProgra EA Builder EAs, it means TRading Strategy). Once you see the strategy in NoProgra EA Builder, you need to generate the EA. You will get the EA for MetaTrader (.mq4 and .ex4 files). TRS files cannot be used in MetaTrader.

Moving Average Expert Advisor (MovingAverage.trs)
This is the simpler and easier EA that you can build.

Read more: NoProgra EA Builder - Expert Advisor Examples


  • NoProgra Indicator Builder

    NoProgra Indicator Builder is part of NoProgra EA Builder. It uses a similar graphical interface that allows users to create custom indicators for MT4 using natural language (the way we speak). The natural language is translated to MQL4 by NoProgra so you don’t need to code or program in MQL.