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Variables Available in MetaTrader

All Expert Advisors created with NoProgra EA Builder have the following variables in MetaTrader for you to manage your EA:

  • TradeBars: You can trade bars or ticks. If TradeBars=true, the ea trades bars.
  • UseFiveDigits: You can use 5 or 4 digit brokers. If UseFiveDigits = true, your broker uses 5 digits.
  • isECN: If true, you are using an ECN broker thus orders are opened and later Take Profit and Stop Loss are added.
  • Positions: Controls the maximum number of open positions. For example, set it to 1 and your ea will only open 1 position at a time.
  • AllowHedge: You can set your ea to hedge. If AllowHedge=true your ea will hedge. By default generated EAs do not hedge (AllowHedge is set to false). If you do not hedge the EA closes all BUYs (long positions) before executing a SELL (short position); it also closes all SELLs (short positions) before executing a BUY (long position).
  • Slippage: Minimum slippage for trade execution.
  • MagicNumber: EA's magic number. It's the EA's ID.