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Current version is 1.7 (It includes NoProgra Custom Indicator Builder, a standalone module to create custom indicators for MT4)



Version 1.1 released March 1 - 2012 

Initial release


Version 1.2 released March 12 - 2012.

We are releasing new features to allow more complex trading conditions.
First, we are including plus, minus, times and divide by options which really empower users to go beyond simple trading conditions. We also included absolute vale, really useful when comparing bars.

For example the equation in the chart uses the absolute difference between the open price in the current bar and the close price of the previous bar.  Then the difference is compared to 90% of the body of the previous bar. This is just to show the power of the new features – You may need to add a second condition to define the direction of the trade.

EA Builder Complex Condition

To build a trading condition like the one in the chart you need to start with the absolute, then add the operations, and at the end add the indicators or prices. 


Version 1.3 released March 17 - 2012.

It includes options to create crossovers in an easier way and features that describe logic to evaluate when an indicator is increasing or decreasing.

MA Crossover


Version 1.4 Released March 24 - 2012.

Includes improvements to manage custom indicators.

In the Indicators folder you will see a new option called Import Custom Indicator.


Import Custom Indicator


Click on the "Click Here to Import an Indicator" label. A new window will open for you to select the custom indicator (.mq4 file)


Select MQL4 Indicator


Select the custom indicator and click on Select. Then NoProgra will read the custom indicator to understand it and will show a window with results like number of signals, signal number, and indicator parameters.


MQL4 Indicator - Result


Finally the Parameters field will be populated automatically. At this point you need to select the signal number to make sure you are using the right signal.   

MT4 Indicator - Parameters


Version 1.5 Released March 31 - 2012.

This new release includes the feature MetaTrader Variables.

Why are MT4 variables important? Because they allow you to optimize your expert advisor.
Let’s say you create an EA using a trading condition of two moving averages with a period of 7 and 14.  During backtesting you get an OK profit. What is the result using periods 9 and 18, or 10 and 18? Or what are the best values for the periods? You can get those answers if you use MT4 variables.
If you use variables for the periods (FastPeriod=7 and SlowPeriod=14), you can tell MetaTrader in optimization to find the values for FastPeriod and SlowPeriod that give you the best profit. We will release a video tutorial that explain how to create variables using NoProgra EA Builder.

To manage variables in your expert advisor, click on the Add Variables Panel button.


MetaTrader Variables


You will see a label "MT4 Variables:" in the left panel.

Then click on the Add Variable button, type a variable name. You will see the variable in the Variables Panel.

Initially the variable will have a zero (0) value. You can change it to any number (integer or decimal)
The variable will be available in fields like period or bar ago. To use the variable, just select it from the dropdown menu:


Select MetaTrader Variable


The moving average example without variables:


MA EA without variables

The moving average example with variables:


MA EA with variables


Version 1.55 Released April 11 - 2012.

This release includes minor changes to MetaTrader Variables so you can see them all during backtesting.


Version 1.6 Released May 17 - 2012.

First release of NoProgra Custom Indicator Builder, a module to create custom indicators for MT4.


Version 1.61 Released Jun 3 - 2012.

Preparation for commercial version.


Version 1.7 Released Jun 23 - 2012.

Commercial version.